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Steven Warburton :: Blog :: 'Making stuff together' - a pattern language network workshop July 7th

June 27, 2008

The Pattern Language Network project (Planet) is running a one day workshop at the London Knowledge Lab, 7th July, around the theme of:
"Making Stuff Together"


In this workshop we will focus on two environments: Multi-user virtual worlds (MUVEs) and collaborative web documents. At a first
glance, these appear to be as different and unrelated as two on-line environments can be. Yet both are loci for activities of shared
construction. It is this quality, and this tension, which we wish to explore as a driver of learning.

The workshop will be driven by user contributed case studies. These cases will be discussed in cross disciplinary groups, through which design patterns will be extracted and elaborated and scenarios developed. If you have case study that you would like to share then please see our case study repository here:


All welcome. We have limited places so to register, or for any inquiries, please contact:

Steven Warburton-  steven.warburton@kcl.ac.uk
Ysihay Mor- yishaym@gmail.com

Please pass on to others who may be interested in attending.

Best wishes, Steve and Yishay

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