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Steven Warburton :: Blog :: Second Life activity Day 3

June 07, 2007

Thanks to everyone who came along yesterday for the building class in Second Life - a challenging hour and a learning experience in seeing how SL might work as a formal educational space. Today we plan to meet again on the Leeds Met campus and look at educational artifacts and then move to the Elluminate platform to pull togther a final discussion themed around the following topics:

Social aspects: for example is appearance important in-world? what represents social capital in a virtual world? is SL merely a business tool and what does this mean for education?

Educational: do classroom models transpose into SL? where is the locus of control? chaos versus structure? informal versus formal?

Technical barriers: what are people's experiences of the technical issues with using a MUVE such as SL?

Where next: are MUVEs the future space of the internet or will they remain perhaps as some commentators might say merely a game? what kind of research do we need into MUVEs to make some kind of effective use?




IM me in-world if you are lost and need to be TP-ed over.

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  1. Sadly in meetings this afternoon so won't make it - look forward to hearing about it.

    Janet FinlayJanet Finlay on Thursday, 07 June 2007, 12:01 UTC # |

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