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May 09, 2008

This year's EDEN (European Distance and Elearning Network) conference looks like being a real blast.  It will be in Lisbon, Portugal, in the middle of June.  Last week, I was informed that my paper had been accepted (I will be talking about blogs, would you believe?) and so this week I booked my hotel. Today the message below was sent from EDEN HQ and now I can't wait...! "The Conference Dinner online booking will open on 13 May. You can reserve places for this special event by using the above booking link and completing the form. The dinner will be held on 13 June, Lisbon's celebratory day of St. Antonio, as well as the date when our host Universidade Aberta will be 20 years old. On this truly festive occasion, the magnificent Estufa Real Restaurant will offer a rich, typical dinner with Portuguese dishes, drinks and Fado music in the heart of the 18th century Ajuda Botanical Gardens, overlooking the Tagus river". Hope to see as many of you as possible at EDEN this year. Comment in the box below if you are attending!

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  1. The 12th of June is a great day for partying in Lisbon. One of my fave Holidays in Lisbon.
    From the 12th to the 13th of June that city doesn’t sleep.

    The main avenue (av. da Liberdade) is closed to traffic and the lisbon neighborhoods take part in a dancing and singing contest - talk about sense of purpose and community feeling - these people work all year around for this day http://tinyurl.com/6cvno8 . The Marchas Populares ( so the event is called) makes the entire lisbon population come to the streets, not to mention people from all over the country and tourists who get together to celebrate the event. Good mood, wine (and sangria) and grilled sardines sold on slices of bread is all it takes to be part of this cultural event.

    Don’t forget to walk up to the St. George’s castle during the evening - you just have to follow the people and music from the improvised food stands, from which you can get sardines, and now even hot dogs - much to the delight of the younger generations. (although in this day Sardines is really one of the traditional dishes)

    And on St Antonio’s eve, one has to buy the flower-pot (manjerico: http://tinyurl.com/6lhcks ) with the traditional 4-verse poem (quadras).

    The night usually continues with a visit to the “ginginha”, before heading uptown (Bairro Alto). Watch out for the Fado houses. The cheaper they look, the better. The best places to eat in Lisbon are also the “tascas” (small restaurants which look (and are) quite cheap)

    And if the night turns into day, you have two options for breakfast. You can meet the poet (Fernando Pessoa) at the Brasileira in Chiado http://tinyurl.com/5uwgvm , or you can go to Pastelaria Suica in Rossio http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rossio .

    Enjoy Lisbon. Have FUN!
    I have just realized I will miss the Marchas Populares for the second year in a row. :-(

    Don’t forget to share the pics with us!

    Cristina CostaCristina Costa on Saturday, 10 May 2008, 22:22 BST # |

  2. Yesss, is time for good food, and good wine, and good wine, and good wine ...

    And if you have time, popup to 'Coimbra' in the way back - University city that is frenetic this time of the year.


    Give our greetings to 'Lisboa velha cidade' (from a well known fado - Lisbon old city).

    Best wishes 

    Joe RosaJoe Rosa on Sunday, 11 May 2008, 16:24 BST # |

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