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June 22, 2008

I have just arrived back in the UK via Bristol airport and have driven straight over to the beautiful city of Bath. Tomorrow I will be speaking at a staff development workshop on Web 2.0 at the University of Bath, on the invite of the Head of e-Learning, Andy Ramsden. I keep bumping into Andy all over the place, so it will be nice to finally get to see his set up and see how they do things there.

I'm staying at the delightful Tasburgh House guesthouse, which overlooks the city from its high vantage point. I have had a shower and a change of clothes after the dreadfully bumpy flight back from Warsaw, and I am feeling very much more human thank you very much. The hostess is charming, and has already brought me tea and cake, whilst I sit here in the conservatory writing this blog post. Gentle saxaphone jazz is playing in the background (Stan Getz if I'm not mistaken), there are potted plants all around and I have excellent wireless connection - what more could a boy need? (Above, complete with cake and tea, is a picture of my well travelled laptop in situ, - it has already been to Portugal and Poland in the last ten days - are there any other countries beginning with 'Po'?)

Tasburgh House is certainly the place to chill out. There are stunning views all around. In a nice touch, the rooms are all named after British authors. I am staying in the room named after Eliot (George Eliot who was a girl of course...) and each room has a teddy bear who represents that author. You should see Charles Dickens (and Lord Tennyson is to die for) ... More from Bath tomorrow when I have presented my workshop and seen around the university...

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