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May 31, 2007

Welcome to our new members - you've signed up faster than the project partners so well done!

Streamline is interested in learning object repositories and in particular the work flows and processes associated with their use and how we can reduce the administrative overhead these lay on staff. This of course is a huge topic in all sorts of ways - the variety of learning objects, subject domains, creation tools, repositories will all influence work processes and activities staff would engage in. So we are starting with a group of staff who are involved in a pilot project developing a range of video and audio podcasts. We are just starting this pilot at Leeds Met and it includes users from across the University and our Regional University Network, covering a large range of topics and styles of podcast (content delivery, feedback, assessment etc). This gives us access to a consistent but varied user group that we can follow throughout the learning object development and usage cycle. It still has enough complexity for us to be able to explore the issues we are interested in, but the initial user group at least is manageable and coherent.

The podcasting project faces considerable real issues relating to metadata creation and resource management. These are live issues for the project which we will hopefully help address while also fulfilling the objectives of the Streamline project.

If anyone has any references to work that might relate to this I would love to hear about it. 


Posted by Streamline - Janet Finlay


  1. Hi Janet

    This is fascinating. Brookes e-Learning Pathfinder project and our related JISC Capital project ("Circle") in the repositories strand are also looking at the workflows and processes of using Repositories. We are not so far along as you, so far as I can tell. Look forward to seeing how it develops.

    George Robertsgeorge on Friday, 01 June 2007, 11:33 BST # |

  2. Thanks George - I will certainly have a look at those projects. Streamline builds on a number of previous projects that project team members have been involved in (HLSI, Replika, eDilema) so we have some data and tools from those projects but the work with the podcasting group is just getting going. It will be interesting to see if the tools developed for previous projects can be adapted for this or whether we will need completely new ones.


    Janet FinlayJanet Finlay on Friday, 01 June 2007, 18:14 BST # |

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