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Tony Linde :: Blog :: The impact of the semantic web

July 06, 2008

This post is by way of advance notice that I will be contacting all Emerge projects in the near future to request that they participate in the 'Study Area 2: The impact of the semantic web' as announced by Paul in his blog entry about New Studies in Emerging Issues.

In brief, this study will first produce a brief introduction to semantic technologies to send out to participating project members. Following this, I will visit each project at their convenience and hold a one-day workshop in which, together, we will imagine the future of that particular project if certain semantic technologies and/or applications were widely available and used. The results of all these workshops will be collated into a detailed report.

In addition to contributing to this study for the benefit of all Emerge collaborators, I would expect that these workshops will give opportunities for the projects to produce realistic proposals for future (JISC and other) calls for developments into the educational use of semantic technologies and Web 3.0.

Posted by Tony Linde

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