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Tony Linde :: Blog :: Wanted: Dialogue Mapper (using Compendium)

July 06, 2008

With reference to my previous post, I would be interested in recruiting a volunteer to help me in the Semantic Study workshops. I'll make it clear from the outset that there is no money involved, only travel expenses (and a free book!), but there is the opportunity to learn a new skill.

I would like to map the discussion part of the workshops using the OU KMi Compendium tool. This is a freely available tool (not quite open source) which allows a user to map a dialogue as it occurs during a meeting (see examples here and here). There is also a book (cheaper from Amazon) produced by one of the tool developers.

The work involved would be to: a) get familiar with using the tool and then, b) attend each of the 10-15 workshops and map the discussions about how that tool might work using semantic technologies and what infrastructure components (technological, organisational, operational) are first necessary. Itwould probably work as well to spread the load across two people if some group wants to appoint two people to learn this useful technique.

So, if anyone has the time available to undertake this task and is interested in learning the technique of dialogue mapping, please contact me soonish.

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Posted by Tony Linde


  1. Hi, I'm afraid I don't have a volunteer for you (though I will ask among the CREW team), but would like to mention the CREW project in relation to your planned use of Compendium for recording the dialogue at the Semantic Web workshops.

    CREW is piloting software to record 'what happens' at conference events, inspired by previous Compendium work. We are currently focussing effort on the recording of Access Grid presentations so as to auto-sync slide presentations with metadata that captures where questions and answers were asked and so on during event sessions.

    All audio-visual (Access Grid) content plus metadata captured by our CREW toolkit becomes viewable (and searchable) post event via software that generates a browsable Events website. What we have not focussed on to date is capturing 'what happens' at events that are perhaps more loosely structured - such as workshops. Therefore your efforts to use Compendium to map what takes place at your workshops will be of interest to CREW - basically, we would be keen to see the RDF data Compendium generates following your use of it and whether our Events website software (which uses semantic technologies) would be able to consume it and integrate it with the 'knowledge' generally held in our system.

    So, to conclude, I very much hope you find your volunteers and please may we discuss/see your semantic data arising from these workshops if possible?

    Content Integration Project (CIP)Content Integration Project (CIP) on Friday, 25 July 2008, 13:11 UTC # |

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