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Ian Truelove :: Blog :: Post-event post

April 27, 2007

I had a great time at the launch event on Wednesday and Thursday. Just seeing everybody in person somehow makes it a lot easier to add something to this blog.

One of the great things for me about the event was finding others that share our interest and enthusiasm about multi-user virtual environments. Up until now, my fellow team member Graham Hibbert and I have felt a bit like naughty schoolboys, sneaking off to log-in to Second Life. This is despite the fact that Leeds Met have been very supportive of our activities. Having the opportunity to engage in productive conversations about MUVEs with fellow real life educators was an important thing for me, even if it was for a short amount of time. I sensed an air of great confidence amongst fellow community members that these emerging platforms are significant and important. I find this confirmation hugely motivating.

One thing that came out of the MUVE cracker-barrel session that I attended was the fact that lots of us are doing stuff in Second Life, but we’re not really aware of each other’s achievements and observations, so I thought I’d use my Emerge blog to show off some of the stuff that we’ve been doing. It’s mainly making tools and arty stuff, so it might not be totally relevant to the focus that others have on MUVEs, but I welcome any comments.

I just need to double check my scripts are working properly, and then I’ll inflict my first proper showing-off post on you.

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  1. Ian - it was great to meet you too. There isn't an MUVE group on Emerge as of yet - why not set one up - it would be a great space to share resources and communicate across the project with the other teams. 

    Best, Josie.

    Josie FraserEmerge info on Friday, 27 April 2007, 08:18 UTC # |

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