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Ian Truelove :: Blog :: Task 7 - 5% deducted for each day late.

June 03, 2007

My apologies for the late posting of task 7. My fellow team member Graham Hibbert and I have just finished a pretty mammoth undergraduate assessment schedule, and we are now looking forward to spending more time working on the project.

Our team:

Ian Truelove
Senior Lecturer & E-learning coordinator
The Leeds School of Contemporary Art & Graphic Design
Leeds Metropolitan University
(SL: Cubist Scarborough)

Graham Hibbert
Senior Lecturer
The Leeds School of Contemporary Art & Graphic Design
Leeds Metropolitan University
(SL: Kisa Naumova)

We are creating an environment in Second Life that aims to encourage the growth of ideas. We’ve been researching the theory of tacit knowledge (we are particularly inspired by the work of FutureLab) and we are trying to put the theory into practice. Graham and I have been ‘sharing knowledge in half-formed and loose ways’ (he quotes from bid) and have built a variety of tools that we think might be useful for facilitating collaborative ideas generation and project building. These are some of the things we have created so far:

A shared marker-board that allows users to draw on a web-page which then displays in-world.
An interactive SMIL based display screen that calls in content from our web-based e-portfolio tool.
Some tools for generating prim-based text in-world.
A device that generates a cloud of synonyms, based on user input (just made that one today).

Graham has also recreated part of the real Leeds Met, and we’ve put on three exhibitions that re-present work created by our final year arts undergraduates.

I’ve also been messing about making ‘holograms’ and trying to fathom out how to make sculpted prims.

You can see some pics of our efforts at:

Overview for Keywords: Leeds Met, Second life

Blogs with Keywords: Leeds Met, Second life

Posted by Ian Truelove


  1. Sympathise with trying to juggle assessment and Emerge - have been in exactly the same place.  Hoping to get to grips with 2nd life - interested in its application for Fashion Design (I teach academic writing on the BA next door to you - at Leeds University) so looking forward to 'talking' and 'listening' during the online conference and when we meet in Manchester - and may be we could even get together in Leeds!

    Rebecca O'RourkeRebecca O'Rourke on Monday, 04 June 2007, 08:26 UTC # |

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    just found this link on the SLED list that might be of interest to you:
    Look forward to meeting you soon,

    Ian TrueloveIan Truelove on Wednesday, 06 June 2007, 09:37 UTC # |

  3. That's fun Ian - thanks.

    Rebecca O'RourkeRebecca O'Rourke on Monday, 11 June 2007, 16:51 UTC # |

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