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June 08, 2007

Audio is emerging as a key area of development at the University of Bradford, and across the HE sector as a whole, in meeting the individual needs of an increasingly diverse range of learners - to promote active engagement, to enhance learning and to enrich the learning environment and support available.
A key area where we perceive a gap that we are interested in exploring is the potential to
extend the use of audio beyond presentation and content delivery to include two-way,
interactive engagement. Examples scenarios include:
Providing rich, detailed and extensive formative feedback to learners.
Interactive audio to support synchronous and asynchronous dialogue between
learners and tutors both that is captured for review, revision and re-use.
Interactive audio engagement and collaboration between students that is
captured for re-use, either as an enhancement or alternative to text based
A second gap is in the apparent lack of tools and services to enable learners to
personalise audio resources to meet their individual needs.

It would be good to hear from other members of the community outside of Bradford Uni how they see this project in relation to their own work. 

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Posted by Audio Supported Enhanced Learning (ASEL) - Will Stewart


  1. Thanks for the invitation, Will. Here are some comments from a community member outside Bradford Uni. (I'm at Leeds Met.)

    I strongly agree that there is scope for a project around the use of audio. Some members of this community are also members of the one I set up: 'MP3s for feedback' and it's pretty obvious there is scope for collaboration between us. I'd be happy to come in with you guys on a project bid along the lines you are indicating. The bits I'm particularly interested in are:

    • giving rich, detailed and extensive feedback to learners;
    • further experimentation with MP3 recorders (which have the advantage of simple production of widely-accessible, portable files - important for take-up by students and staff).

    One of my problems is that I do very little teaching these days, so don't really have direct access to cohorts of students. However, I'm sure I could find good collaborators at Leeds Met (e.g. amongst the Teacher Fellows) who do plenty of teaching and who would be pleased to do some experimentation.

    Another of my difficulties is that I won't be at the Manchester event in July, so I'll have to use other communication methods in helping to develop a bid. Traditional email, phone and this forum are fine by me. I'd also be happy to use Emerge funds to hold a meeting in Leeds in September (or travel to one in Bradford, maybe).

    I think we're onto something! Have fun in Manchester and please keep me posted.

    Bob Rotheram 

    Bob RotheramBob Rotheram on Wednesday, 27 June 2007, 12:23 BST # |

  2. It would be good to work with you, Bob. Your input on the use of audio to provide feedback and mp3 recorders would be very welcome. I'm going to put together a presentation for the event in Manchester and it would be helpful if you could send me a brief (250 words or so) on any ideas you would like to explore.

    I'll keep you posted. 




    Will StewartWill Stewart on Friday, 29 June 2007, 13:07 BST # |

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