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July 11, 2007

Our Community Round Table at the Emerge event in the Lowry Centre was an opportunity to discuss and share ideas around the proposed Ubiquitous Audio for lifelong Learning bid. In addition to  4 members of the Bradford University team (Carol Higgison, Chris Dearnley, Apurba Kundu and Will Stewart), the session was attended  by:

•    Jill Taylor (Leeds Metropolitan University)
•    Tim Neuman (London Knowledge Lab)
•    Norman Gray (VO-TECH/ University of Leicester)
•    Rod Ward (University of West of England)
•    Mike James (University of Salford)
•    Simon Hardaker (University of Salford)
•    David Dowdle (University of Salford)
•    Martina Doolan (University of Hertfordshire)

Common themes

The discussion that took place highlighted a number of common and overlapping ideas on the direction the project could take.

There were 5 themes proposed by the Bradford team, i.e.,

1.    Using audio for in PDP for self-reflection/self-assessment
2.    Providing rich, detailed and extensive formative audio feedback to students on course work and assignments 
3.    interactive audio dialogue between students and tutors both synchronous and asynchronous that is captured for review, revision and re-use
4.    Comparison between different disciplines on how students respond to audio
5.    Manipulation and personalisation of audio by students

Other ideas included:

•    Podagogy
•    Tagging instants within podcasts, allowing students to select specific segments.
•    User-generated content
•    Ethics of collecting data form risk groups, e.g. patients, kids
•    Role of mobile devices
•    2 minutes podcasts
•    Podcasts for staff development

The discussion was both positive and interesting. There was a lot of common and complementary ideas for moving the project forward. I think that the common theme throughout was the need to make audio much more interactive, allowing students to personalise and respond to files they receive.

In preparation for writing the actual bid proposal, it was agreed that Will would set up a wiki and invite interested parties to write a short (200 word) paragraph on their particular contribution to the project. In the spirit of a wiki, it was suggested that all entries could be edited and modified by members of the community.

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  1. I think I was the one who brought the term "Podagogy" up: in case you are wondering, this term was coined by Randy Meredith from Spring Arbor University/U.S., who - as far as I remember - also wrote an article on Wikipedia, which was taken down because of some vague argument. His podagogy.com website still exists, though, and is full of information. Anyways, it seems that the term has been taken up (or reinvented) by others across the globe; for example the Uni of Wolverhampton has a project under that title.

    I mentioned a case during the round table, which I also have reported on in a comment in this thread over at the Bloomsbury community in Elgg.

    Thanks for the round table, it was a stimulating discussion. 

    Tim NeumannTim Neumann on Friday, 13 July 2007, 14:38 BST # |

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