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May 20, 2008

Prompted by David White's recent post on a difficult meeting in Second Life, here are walk through instructions for anyone else who wants to run their project blog through their community space, rather than through their personal blog space, over here at Emerge. 

Once you've subscribed to your external feed in this way, all posts published after subscription will appear on site. Once posts have been published, it's a good idea to add tags. This can be done by opening the post while you are signed in and selecting 'edit'. Then just add your post keywords, separated by commas, to make it easy for people interested in particular topics (for example, knowledge management, data protection, accessibility, etc). 


1. First, make sure you are signed in and are the owner of the community you want to publish your external project feed to!

2. Next, click on Networks from your banner navigation bar, Select Owned Communities, and then Administer from the list under the name of your community. Alternatively (and much quicker) just select your community from your right hand navigation panel. It should be at the bottom, under the heading 'Owned Communities'.

2. Under your personal banner navigation bar, you'll now have your community navigation bar list. You need to select Feeds. Make sure you select the groups Feeds page and not your personal profile Feeds page. The next steps are the same for publishing external content to either - so if you do want to run an external feed through your own blog, follow the same steps but use your personal navigation bar Feeds page. 

3. You'll now have a page open which contains a box. paste in the address of the external feed you want to use (this is not the same as the website address). TIP: sometimes feed addresses appear like this: feed://elgg.jiscemerge.org.uk/news/rss/ if yours does, you need to manually replace feed:// with http://

4.  Clicking the subscribe tab after you've pasted the feed address into the box should hopefully give you a pink message box containing the wonderful words "Your feed subscription was successful" Hooray! Now to add your subscription to your community blog. Select 'Publish to blog' from the banner navigation bar running under your success message. 

5. Simply tick the box of next to the feed you want to run through your blog and select update. You can unsubscribe at anytime by un-ticking the box and updating. You can also run multiple feeds through your site the same way. 

Happy syndicating!  


Posted by Emerge Users & Development Group - Josie Fraser


  1. Hi Josie

     Does this preserve the original authorship of the posts when they appear on Emerge?



    Janet FinlayJanet Finlay on Tuesday, 20 May 2008, 21:57 UTC # |

  2. Hi Janet. What you'll get is a line of link going back to the origional post - to see what this looks like check out this post that has been pushed through from my blog SocialTech: http://elgg.jiscemerge.org.uk/news/weblog/1404.html

    You won't get an individual author name, unless its already been included in the post. It's a two second job to add this to the post afterwards, once it's on site - you can just hit the edit button and type it into the main body of the text, when you fill out your post keywords :) Obviously if you are posting to your personal rather than community blog (as in the example above), the post will appear framed by your name so you won't need to add it again. 

     Hope this helps!  

    Josie FraserJosie Fraser on Tuesday, 20 May 2008, 22:13 UTC # |

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