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January 29, 2008

Ignatia reports on her early experiences with Wiziq and Gogofrog

The first is an open social learning space. Users can share presentation, schedule or join learning sessions, etc. The second is an engine for 3D web sites (in flash) with social features.

While both seem to have interesting potentials, I haven't had the time to try them in depth. Might do next time I need to teach.. :)

However, on a 3 minute look, they seem to suffer from a common problem: innovative technology with conservative social / educational models. Wiziq, like others before it, seems to see delivery as its central model of learning. Gogofrog 3D web looks a bit like an Excell easter egg clone of Castle Wolfenstein.


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  1. Wiziq is not the best tool in town, that’s for sure, but it is free and allows people to communicate, although it still offers some glitches….

    The best of it - I think - is that it also empowers the learners to create an account and schedule their own conferences for free, although they will be given a "teacher" title. Looks like only teachers should have the key to it!

    I do think that is needs quite a lot of improvement on the approach - it is quite a directive and instructivist one, like you said ... but I welcome the fact that is free. I know we all need to make a living… (I do too!!), but when it comes to education I really appreciate the generosity of those who make these tools available out there to be tested and used by everyone...well... by many…. at least by far many more when compared with the use of other tools, which are paid.

    I am now moderating a workshop for international teacher. The workshop is free and this year we have a lot of participants from Eastern Europe and Asia, who are just amazed with the free-web-possibilities. They are not very techie, nor did we think they would, but they do have what it takes to be the educators of the 21st century: the willing to catch up with what new is being done in education and make the best of the free web, since budgets to acquire such equipments/tools just aren't part of their experience.

    As for gogofrog, I still haven't tried it, but will soon. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Ewan MAcintosh also posted about video conferencing yesterday. I just thought I should share it in case you haven't been to his blog in the last few days:    http://edu.blogs.com/edublogs/2008/01/the-future-of-v.html

    Cristina CostaCristina Costa on Tuesday, 29 January 2008, 20:53 UTC # |

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